Monday, August 19, 2013

Carola Myers Makeup: Long-lasting Even at 13,000 Feet!

It’s your wedding day. A day that can be slightly unpredictable in nature no matter how much you plan. It’s a day that is spent celebrating by lots of dancing, feasting, beverage-drinking, and chatting away with your family and friends. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your lipstick is still even and bright, or whether your foundation and blush are fading. Here at Carola Myers Makeup & Hair Artists, we use long-lasting makeup made to endure all situations - including weather, sweat, stress, or just the long hours of a passing afternoon! To prove that our services can withstand any situation, we’ve taken things to the next level.

Meet Carolina and Nicole. They have both been outfitted with Carola Myers makeup. With the help of the Virginia Skydiving Center, both have just skydived 13,000 feet through wind, moisture, and the other crazy conditions found when freefalling through the atmosphere at high speeds. Prior to their fall, we applied the following: a foundation powder to even out their skin and reduce shine, a shear cream blush to add glow to the cheek for a long-lasting effect, cake powder eyeliner to define their eyes, and waterproof black mascara on the roots of their lashes. And we must admit, we are proud of our work – it looks better than ever, even after a 13,000 foot freefall. Carola Myers makeup really can endure any condition! 

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