Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Chic Affair at the Long View Gallery

We had such a wonderful time at A Chic Affair last weekend. With hundreds of truly “chic” modern city brides in attendance and a venue as beautiful as DC’s contemporary Long View Gallery, it’s no wonder we enjoyed the “affair” so much! We loved providing the hair and makeup looks for the models for the event’s fashion show and cannot wait to show you all of the different looks we created. One of the area’s best photographers, Rodney Bailey was there to document the day and did a phenomenal job (see a few of the fabulous photos below.)

As always, we must give a shout out to all those involved in making the day a huge success! Thank you to Rachael and the whole RGI Events team for their help in putting on the show. And of course, thank you to Shirley and Leslie for being such wonderful Carola Myers team representatives!

We will have another post with more details and photos from the event to share soon. Stay tuned! 

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