Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Fashionable Looks of a Washingtonian Girl

Washingtonian girls are one of a kind. They are hard-working, entrepreneurial, and smart, but also know how to have lots of fun and take full advantage of all that DC has to offer! Whether a Washingtonian girl is attending a gala or fundraiser for work, or having the time of her life out on the town with her best girl friends, we have just the look for the occasion.

The Everyday Look: We think this polished look is perfect for a day at the office or a day off of city adventuring. It is playful but light and subtle! 

The Girls Night Out Look: This “night out on the town” style is stunning and dazzling, but still polished and chic. Just what you need for a fun and fab time with your gals.

The Elegant Evening Look: We know that special black-tie events are very popular here in the Nation’s Capital, and we think this modern look of elegance could be perfectly paired with a beautiful dress for a stunning ensemble!

The Bridal Look: And finally, the most important look for any girl, Washingtonian or not…the bridal look! This makeup combination shows our specialty style of classic and timeless beauty – a must for any wedding day!

 All photos by Clay Blackmore

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